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Long-term development

Long-term development

SIFARIS respects environmental standards regarding RoHS and takes all steps necessary to contribute to the reduction of energy consumption, in particular in its choice of data centres proposed to its clients :

Use of the latest Emerson air-conditioning technology: inert gas with no impact on the environment ; no recycled water.


SIFARIS governance rests on values such as transparency, responsibility and efficiency, as can be seen in the following areas:

  • The highly active involvement of its management
  • The desire to enable each team member to carry out his/her responsibilities with the necessary objectivity and independence, in particular via the quality of communication and the transparency of information

Implementation of long-term development in the organisation of the company

For SIFARIS, the RSE (social and environmental responsibility organism) provides a true competitive advantage based on which we hope to position ourselves as one of the top companies in our field.

The integration of the RSE in the development strategies of our various areas of business creates added value for the company and its partners.

  • Responsible management, which takes into account all risks in order to establish a relationship of trust with its clients and partners.
  • Governance aimed at keeping pace with practices and increasing practices company needs

Our responsibility

SIFARIS’s responsibility is both internal, through dymanic management of its employees and external with the desire to control and minimise direct impact on the environment in the large sense of the word.

Management of employees is based on a recruitment policy aimed at diversity, evolution of competences and the ensuring that employees develop both professionally and personally.

Regarding the implementation of its environmental policy, SIFARIS looks to environmental best practices in its professional area, particularly the use of natural and energy resources, paper consumption and the use of recycled paper, the choice of electronic equipment, waste management….

Personnel Management Responsability


SIFARIS chooses to recruit young elements via awareness campaigns, strong tries with schools, use of combined education and work courses

It has a policy of motivational salaries

It is open to the comments of its employees

Each employee is interviewed regularly throughout the year and at year end in order to share personal experience and progress with management

Economic Responsability

  • Cultivate a long-term relationship with its clients, as trust is measured and maintained on a daily basis in the field
  • Respond to the needs of each person in terms of both offer and quality
  • Reinforce client protection via transparent and reactive communication

Environmental Responsability

  • Reduce greenhouse gases
  • Control the use of water and energy
  • Develop recycling
  • Employee awareness