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Message from the CEO

Every day, new and constantly better organised threats appear, often with criminal intent. The impact of such intrusions on an Information Technology (IT) can lead to serious consequences: loss of information, theft of industrial secrets and knowledge which impact the running, business, image and future results of the company. Company managers may even be legally responsible.

The attacks are professional and quick and today protection must be considered as a consubstantial element of all Information Technology. A protected system fights the attacks at the very moment they occur and is proactive and dynamic.

I am convinced that today a company’s Information Technology together with appropriate governance is a determining factor in the company’s results and a necessary component of a healthy enterprise. Internet technology and mobility are two elements which need to be controlled 100%.

SIFARIS is at your disposal to design and set up your dynamic and safe information technology, with dedication and determination.

Jean-François Beuze




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